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I am Nikisha Francis, a working professional, wife and mother to two beautiful children. The Road To Me is a blog with a drive to share stories of the continuing journey to self-discovery and acceptance with you.  Our goal is to work together so that we can both re-discover who we are, where we want to go and most importantly, how we are going to get there.

Why Join Us?

At the age of 31 I constantly found myself stressed, worried, unfocused and unable to find happiness in everyday life. Most worrying was that I was no longer able to articulate to anyone who asked, those things in my life that brought me joy. My mind was so clogged with self-doubt, anger, frustration and sadness that i no longer had a clear sense of self. 

I finally decided that I had had enough. It was time for a serious lasting change in my life. That is when I embarked on a journey that has led me to this place, the place where I can share with you the steps that I have taken to live a more happy, hopeful, loving, peaceful and meaningful life.


Take a look around our site, subscribe to and read our blog posts and join our discussions in the forum. We aim to help you find the inspiration needed to make positive, lasting changes in your life

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